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Teaser of SDG Project for 2021


Dear Guiders, 


UPDATE: SDG Resources available @ http://bit.ly/GIRLxSDG2021


Giver. Innovator. Risk-taker. Leader (GIRL) for SDGs 2021

In line with our World Thinking Day theme for 2021, “GIRL for SDGs – Peacebuilding”, the Special Projects Committee is pleased to share the following exciting SDG-themed activities!


There are two main parts:

  1. Advocacy Workshops (for Guides and Guide Guiders only)
  2. SDG Contests (for both Guide Units and Brownie Units)


  1. Advocacy Workshops (for Guides and Guide Guiders only)

A series of “Be the GIRL” Workshops will take participants through the process of change and enable them to identify and act on issues they have identified in their community. Participants will learn about Advocacy and its methods, such as, Circle of Influences and Project Planning, among other skills. There will be 2 compulsory (virtual) workshops with the following objectives:





Fri, 5 Mar
2.30 – 5pm

Virtual Workshop –
Plan the Change


Girls will learn to identify a social cause using tools such as problem trees and SWOT Analysis and learn to identify decision makers and how to approach them.

Fri, 16 Apr
2.30 – 5pm

Virtual Workshop –
Lead the Change

Girls will learn how to use GANTT Charts, write elevator pitches, and create budgets for their projects.

Pre-reading materials would be made available on GuidingLIGHT for participants prior to workshops.


Outcome of workshop: Participants would be required to plan and execute a Social Action Project Campaign. There will be 3 different submissions:

–          Fri, 19 Mar: Project Ideas Submission

–          Fri, 7 May: Project Plan Submission

–          Fri, 2 Jul: Project Report Submission

More details will be provided at the workshops.


To support our participants, templates, consultations, and seed funding would be available.


To Register:

Option 1:


Schools who are registering for workshops

(Guided approach)

Each Unit can nominate up to 2 Guides and 1 Guider to attend the workshops. They will then involve the rest of the Unit in their project execution!


The deadline to register for the workshops is 1 March 2021.

Option 2:


Schools who wish to execute projects but
do not wish to attend the workshops

(Self-directed approach)

Each Unit can register up to 1 project.

Schools will submit all the necessary projects documents and templates. Seed Funding would be subjected to approval and based on a first-come-first served basis, as priority would be given to schools attending the workshops.

The deadline to register for this option is also 1 March 2021.


  1. Social Media Contests (for Brownie Packs & Guide Units)

In addition to the workshops, a series of contests would take place on our Social Media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) from March to July:





1 Mar –
17 Mar

WTD Contest
Part 1*

Challenge your friends and neighbouring units to play a part in creating a greener environment for girls! Submit a video of a project that you would like to take in your community, incorporating the International Women’s Day #ChooseToChallenge pose.

*The deadline has been extended from 12 to 17 Mar.

29 Mar –
16 Apr

WTD Contest
Part 2*

Show your commitment to environmental peacebuilding by encouraging your friends to plog with you! Include tips on how to sort the litter you have collected into recyclables and trash and educate others on how leaving no trace benefits the environment.

1 Jul –
16 Jul

SDG Contest

Create a video to encourage every girl to take the lead like a Brownie/Guide, and to “Be the GIRL”!

*Units/Packs to choose between WTD Contest Part 1 and 2. Units cannot take part in both.


All entries will be shortlisted for voting and voters would stand to win attractive prizes from our Guide Shop! Guiders can also claim for the relevant PNAA points for participation.


We look forward to your active participation in this exciting line-up of activities!




Ms Chng Jia Min
Special Projects Commissioner