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SKM Kindness Badge Award (Junior)


Dear Brownie Guiders,


SKM Kindness Badge Junior 2023_Circular (Primary)


The Kindness Badge is a mark of distinction awarded by SKM to students in the Uniformed Groups (UGs). It recognises their efforts at completing tasks that promote kindness and graciousness within their UGs, schools, families and in the larger community. The Kindness Badge Junior (KBJ) programme is designed for primary school students in UGs and it identifies them as ambassadors of kindness.
There are two levels of the KBJ programme, of which the latter is optional:


  • Basic Level: Students must complete tasks and initiatives using an activity booklet that will guide them through their Kindness Badge journey. Within this level, there are three sections titled Discovering Kindness, Exemplifying Kindness and Inspiring Kindness. Completing these three sections will enable students to achieve a badge each.
  • Advanced Level (Optional): To attain an additional collar pin, students may proceed to this level challenging them to research community issues and suggest ways to address them. More details can be found in the activity booklet provided.

You may register your students for the programme through the registration link found on the Kindness Badge website: https://badge.kindness.sg/kindness-badge-junior/


Upon registration, you will be notified about the collection of activity booklets from Headquarters (for Brownies and Cub Scouts) or SKM (for the other UGs). There will be a 2-page submission template to be filled in by the Guider-in-charge when students complete the activities booklet.

After the submission document is sent to SKM, you may proceed to collect the respective badges on behalf of the Uniformed Groups.

The deadlines to note for KBJ 2023 are as follows: 

  • Registration Deadline: 30 Jun 2023
  • Submission Deadline: 25 Sep 2023

For further enquiries, please contact (Ms) Sarcthy at kindnessbadge@kindness.sg.



Mdm Samsia
Brownie Branch Commissioner



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