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SANA Badge Programme Workshops for 2021


Dear Guiders,


As the current online mode for the SANA Badge has received positive feedback across the board for its flexibility in completing the readings and assessment.


We will be scheduling a few months namely May and October in 2021 for the girls to participate in the SANA Anti-Drug & Inhalant Abuse Badge Programme.


Please note that the badge programme will cost $3.00 / Guide and there is no limit to the number of girls you can choose to send.


Please see the process below:

  1. Register for your girls here (the deadline for registration for each session is by 24 Apr (for May intake) and 2 Oct 2021 (for Nov intake))
  2. GGS will email SANA with the number of girls for confirmation
  3. SANA will then send GGS the reading materials, practice link and assessment link before the period.
  4. Guides can do their self-study and login anytime during the period to complete the online assessment for self-practice. Guides are to practice for the quiz using the practice link before they attempt the actual assessment via the assessment link. Passing mark is 80%.
  5. After the period has lapsed, SANA will email the GGS the results and deliver the badges to GGS.
  6. GGS will IFAAS the school after the completion of the Course.
  7. Guiders can make arrangement to come to HQ to collect the badges.


The confirmation email for May will be sent out by 27 April 😊


Should you have any other queries about the Anti-drug & inhalant abuse badge programme, please let me know.


Thank you 😊




Jasmine Cheong
Training, Programmes & Unit Development



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