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Gala Dinner 2023



Reimagine. Empower. Celebrate.

Established in 1917, Girl Guides Singapore has been at the forefront of developing and empowering  girls and young women through our signature 5-Point Programme and activities to develop life skills and values that will allow them to continue to thrive in an ever-changing world. 

Since the last Gala Dinner in 2019, we are here again to reimagine, empower and celebrate our girls and the amazing women that they have become.

Join us for an extraordinary evening at Girl Guides Singapore Gala Dinner 2023 at Voco Hotel on 26 August 2023, Saturday. 

Together, let’s:

  • Reimagine a collective vision where every girl finds her voice; 
  • Where every girl is empowered to make an impact;  
  • And is celebrated for her leadership and limitless potential.


At the heart of our celebration lies our unwavering commitment to girls’ empowerment and development. We believe that by nurturing the young minds, dreams, and aspirations of girls, we unlock the gateway to a future brimming with equality, progress, and boundless possibilities.


Through this Gala, we embark on a transformative journey, weaving together stories of courage, resilience, and triumph. Together, we honour:


  • the trailblazers who defy convention and inspire us with their courage,
  • the mentors who play a crucial role in illuminating the path, guiding, and nurturing the next generation of leaders  
  • and witness the remarkable journeys of young girls who rise above challenges with determination, leadership, and boundless potential.


As we come together to celebrate what girls can achieve, let us remember that our collective efforts have the power to shape destinies, break down barriers, and pave the way for generations to come. 


Pledge your support to empower girls, providing them the opportunities to lead, inspire, and make a difference in their communities and beyond.

Update: All seats are sold. GGS would like to express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude towards our all donors, sponsors and supporters!


Your valuable support helps us to continue to develop our girls and young women to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world. 


If you wish to donate or make a contribution to our cause, you may choose the various mode of payment:


  • Cheques addressed to ‘Girl Guides Singapore’
  • PayNow to UEN: S67SS0005D
  • Donation via Giving.sg


For other queries, please email us at queries@girlguides.org.sg.


Thank you!


Mrs Koh-Teh Yi Wen
Chief Commissioner


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