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FOR ACTION : Annual Membership Exercise 2023


Dear Guider-in-charge, 


To ensure that our members are kept up to date and to serve our members well, we would appreciate your assistance to complete the annual update of membership records.

Please refer to the three documents appended for submission by  Friday 24 March 2023.


Unit Membership Registration Form 2023

  • Please fill out the Unit Membership Registration Form 2023 and include all members (girls and Guiders). Please confirm that the number of members declared on the form tallies with the membership numbers updated in the school cockpit system. You will be required to submit a copy of the CCA membership information from the school cockpit system to GGS at the end of 2023.
  • Do ensure that the form is endorsed by the HOD for CCA before submission.


Membership Fee

  • The annual membership fee is $8 per member (Brownie/Girl Guide/Guider/MOE VAL/Unit Helper/Young Adult) and membership fee per pack/company is $10.
  • The membership fees allow GGS to sustain our programmes and daily operations to serve our members.
  • The invoice and payment of the membership fee for each school will be processed upon submission of the completed and endorsed Unit Membership Registration Form.

Guiders Particulars Form- for new Guiders only


 GuidingLIGHT Account Creation Form 2023

  • As of October 2022, GGS has enabled Guiders to create new accounts for users in their schools. However, if you require GGS to assist you in the creation of new accounts, you may fill out the GuidingLIGHT Account Creation Form 2023 and send it to Ms Jalilah Johar at jalilah.johar@girlguides.org.sg.
  • Please check and ensure that all information provided is complete and correct before submission.
  • Do refer to the examples provided in the form and do not make any changes to the format of the form.
  • New accounts will be created within 2 weeks upon submission of complete and correct data and Guiders will be informed on the successful creation of accounts through email. 

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, please ensure that all consents are obtained from your girls for the keeping of such information by the school and GGS, and that all documents sent are password protected and saved as an excel workbook with the school name (e.g. Jurong_Lake_Secondary _School). Passwords for the files should be sent in a separate email.

Please write to Ms Jalilah Johar at  jalilah.johar@girlguides.org.sg if you require any clarifications. 


Thank you for your support. 




Ms Jocelyn Teo
Membership Commissioner
Girl Guides Singapore


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