GGS Volunteer and Special Projects Commissioner –  Chng Jia Min (right), at the Unlock Leadership for Change Workshop, which provided a unique opportunity for young women leaders to explore the sustainable development based on the United Nation Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG) and joint solutions,  as well as discovering what it takes to be a changemaker and to bring about positive changes to our lives and to our community! Read on to find out what was her biggest takeaway from the workshop! Jia Min (third row, third from left) at the Unlock Leadership for Change Workshop, Our Chalet, Switzerland 1) What has been your greatest learnings/takeaways from this trip? Some of my greatest takeaways from this trip were meeting, interacting with, and learning from a group of passionate, like-minded young people from all across the world who are determined to make a positive change in their communities via the work of the SDGs, specific ones which were targeted at the individual needs and challenges their particular communities faced. The workshop facilitators, Hannah Stanton and Jorge Sanchez, were also very effective and engaging in their delivery of the workshop materials. 2) What was your most rewarding moment during the trip? The entire trip itself was a lovely and rewarding memory in its own right—being able to have the opportunity to travel to Our Chalet and meet not just the inspiring workshop facilitators and participants, but everyone who was volunteering their time at Our Chalet—was a wonderful learning experience. It reminded me of the bonds that Girlguiding imbues—that you would be welcomed by Girl Guides wherever you go in the world. 3) What are the follow-up actions that we can expect? As a follow up to the workshop, we had planned for a G.I.R.L. for SDGs Rally (GIRL Rally) to take place in May 2019. However, in view of the COVID-19 pandemic measures, we have postponed the Rally to 2021. We will continue to commemorate various SDG-related events, such as International World Women’s Day (8 March), Earth Hour (28 March), and Labour Day (1 May), using Just-In-Time online circulars. This will complement virtual programmes that Girl Guides and Brownies can carry out as home-based learning.