Our 66 years of Guiding together has been a journey of receiving and giving. We began as a Guides, became Patrol Seconds and Patrol Leaders, and later earned the Queen’s Guides Award. Guiding expanded our knowledge beyond the ordinary as we earned badges like Astronomy and Birdwatcher. We also experienced the world through visits to Our Chalet in Switzerland, participation in the Windsor Camp and trainings at Foxlease and Waddow Hall in the UK. We imbibed lasting values – trustworthiness, thrift, caring for mankind and animals – through the Guide Laws. We enjoyed the outdoors and camaraderie through numerous camps, campfires and hikes. We had many adventures and lots of fun. We are both still actively involved in Guiding today. Our hope is to give girls of today an enriching experience and enable them to chart their own exciting journey in Guiding. Once a Guide, always a Guide!