Mdm Hasnita Surani (Middle) – Guider from Chongzheng Primary School Which years were you involved in Guiding and in what capacity? In Primary school, I always enjoyed watching my friends in Brownies even though I wasn’t in the CCA. At Bedok South Secondary School, a friend persuaded me to join Girl Guides; I became Company Leader when I was in Secondary 3. I joined the Rangers after graduation. When I started teaching, my CCA HOD found out that I had been a Girl Guide and so asked me to run the Brownie CCA, which led me to become a Brownie Leader. GGS invited me to join the International Committee in YEAR and I’ve been having a fabulous time helping out since. Please share with us a few of your thoughts on how Guiding has shaped you/your character and impacted you as a Guider? I’ve always believed that the holistic natur  of Girl Guiding programmes enables Guiders to develop into well-rounded persons. Guiding offers a powerful platform to bring out the best in girls and women, as well as to benefit the people around us. Our motto ‘Be Prepared’ is  universal. I have applied it during different stages of my life and also when I put on different ‘hats’, as a teacher, Guider or friend, for example. It has shaped my mindset to be ready for anything that comes my way and to be a help to our fellow sisters-in-Guiding. That is what Guiding is to me – using our strengths to build each other up, working together as a team. What are some word of encouragement do you have for our Guiders today in impacting the lives of their girls? Always inject fun into what we do with our girls. Fun can turn even the most seemingly mundane activities into unforgettable experiences.