Ms Tan Ah Bitt (Far Left)- GGS Volunteer Which years were you involved in Guiding and in what capacity? 1978-1981                      Girl Guides CCA – Company Leader 1982-1984                     Ranger – 12th Senior Branch (Central) 1985 to Present            Ranger Guider 2004-2009                   Volunteer Adult Leader – CHIJ Katong Convent (Received a Partners-in-Education Award in 2009 from CHIJ KC) 2011-2018                     Ranger Guider &  Camp Committee Member   Please share with us a few of your thoughts on how Guiding has shaped you/your character and impacted you as a Guider? The Guide Promise, Guide Law and Guide Motto ‘Be Prepared’ has guided me. In my teenage years, the 5-Point Programme developed me to handle different aspects of life. I was given opportunities to exercise my creativity, innovativeness and leadership. Proficiency badges challenged me to explore a wide variety of interest areas. My desire to join the Rangers was fuelled by the many Guiders & Commissioners whom I got to know. They taught me knowledge and skills which often extended beyond the Guide Handbook basics. They showed me the heart of Guiding by living out BP’s Spirit. Like the song goes, “I’ve got the BP Spirit ..Where?… Deep in my heart! Our 12th Senior Branch Ranger Unit did a lot of yeomanship, such that “Be Prepared to Lend a Helping Hand” became my motto in my daily living. I shared the Guide Promise with the world in 1988 by representing Singapore at the Mountain Spirit Programme in Alberta, Canada as a Guider. In 1993, I represented GGS at the Ship for South East Asia Youth Programme, where my Guiding leadership skills really helped me perform in my role as Assistant Youth Leader for the Singapore Contingent. How are you involved in Guiding today?  As a Ranger Guider, I train young adult leaders to bring the best out of them. Volunteering as a Camp Committee member over the last 7 years has enabled me to contribute my knowledge and skills. I conduct Knots and Lashing workshops and take on different responsibilities in GGS’ annual and international camps. My hope is that more Brownies, Guides and Guiders will learn to keep the spirit of lifelong learning and have useful Guiding skills to help others. What are some word of encouragement do you have for our Guiders today in impacting the lives of their girls? We cannot know immediately the impact of our Girl Guide teaching but we see it later when the girls become contributing citizens, mothers, grandmothers, whatever they want to be. Just ‘be prepared’ to share your love for this game of Guiding with all girls. Your time amd presence is the gift to girls and women of the future! Teach them well and you will know the intangible rewards of happiness, love, joy and gratitude. It is very satisfying to see the spirit of Guiding shining strongly in the many who continue to further the Guiding mission – this is the heart and the sisterhood of Guiding.