Ms Shainaz Banu (Right) – GGS Volunteer Which years were you involved in Guiding and in what capacity? I started as a Brownie in 2000 before moving on to join Girl Guides in 2003 and Young Adults (YA) from 2007 to 2015. I embarked on my volunteer journey by joining the Camp Committee in 2016 and became a Brownie Guider in 2017. Since YEAR, I have taken on a part-time Administrative Executive role at GGS to support YA branch activities, assist with training courses and camps, and coordinate special projects, such as the GGS NDP contingent. Please share with us a few of your thoughts on how Guiding has shaped you/your character and impacted you as a Guider? Guiding has fuelled my passion for the outdoors and adventure, from camping, kayaking to playing sports. The Guide Law and Promise have shaped my character and moral values, encouraging me always to help others in need and to pass on my knowledge. My work roles in the education service previously and now in GGS involves supporting trainers who run courses and camps, such as BTC and PLTC. What are some word of encouragement do you have for our Guiders today in impacting the lives of their girls? Our girls always look up to their Guiders and remember everything you do for them. We should always try our best to make their Guiding experience as meaningful as possible so that they see value in what they learn and want to pass on their knowledge and apply their skills to help others. This was how my Guiders impacted me in the past, and that is how I want to impact my girls in the future!