It was 1933. I was at the C.E.Z.M.S. School tennis lawn, engrossed in watching a 5 th Pack Brownie who had completed all her tests step up onto a low bench; she stretched out her arms sideways and walked towards the cheering 5 th Coy Guides! My Guiding journey started that day after witnessing the ‘Flying Up’ ceremony and accepting Brown Owl’s invitation to join the Brownies. Four years later, when I turned 12, I joined the Guides Unit under Captain Norah Inge. I learnt much from earning my 1 st Class badge, All Round Cord and Camper’s Licence, and serving as Lieutenant, Captain and Acting Chief Commissioner in 1965. We contributed to many Guiding milestones in the ‘60s: the opening of the new Guide House at Clemenceau Avenue; the introduction of a new Trefoil and amended Policies, Organisation and Rules (POR); Singapore becoming a member of WAGGGS; and, celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Singapore Guiding in 1967 with a Brownie Revel on Thinking Day. I remember receiving the Oak Leaf Award in 1959 and attending the Chief Commissioners’ Conference at Foxlease, UK in 1966. Through its Promise, Law and the 5-point programme, Guiding has inculcated values and skills for character-building and nurtured girls to become responsible citizens. Thanks be to God for sustaining and blessing the Movement. May the Light of Guiding continue to shine brightly!