From mid-1950s to 1969, I was a Brownie, Guide, Lieutenant and Captain of 1 st Katong Company. The multi-faceted skills I learnt from my Guiding days have served me well over the years. My most vivid Guiding memories are of camping and endless outdoor activities that brought out my spirit of adventure. We became adept at pitching tents, making gadgets and stoking fires for cooking and campfires. Each blazing campfire gave way to pitch darkness and time to gaze in wonder at constellations in the star-studded night sky. We held midnight feasts quietly under canvas. We were lulled to sleep by chirping crickets and woken by golden oriole’s melodious morning call. Our interactions with nature taught us to respect and protect the flora and fauna around us. Miss Pike, my captain, taught us to leave nothing behind but our footprints. We learnt to properly bin trash and bury anything biodegradable before we left a campsite. I hold dear the friendships forged through Guiding. Our links and camaraderie continues with each Trefoil Guild activity I attend. Together, we visited Our Chalet in Switzerland in mid-2016. There’s no better way to bond in our golden years!