Guiding is one of the best things that happened to me. I became a Guider as a teacher. Guiding taught me so much – showing concern, sharing, appreciating the things done for each other, lending a hand, and sometimes a shoulder to cry on. My greatest blessing is my Guiding friends. They are always there for me, just a call away. Although I retired from teaching in 1995, many of my Brownies still call and visit me. A few of them are grandmothers now! We often talk about our Pack Holidays together. Personally, I loved Pack Holidays. The Guiding memory that always puts a smile on my face are our ‘Pow Wow’ discussions and preparations ahead of the camps. We had to choose the themes, songs, menus, games, crafts, etc. Till today, they still remember learning skills, like bed-making, table-laying, serving, housekeeping and simple kitchen chores. My entire Guiding experience has been very enriching and satisfying.