(Ms Tong (in red) with her Girl Guides at the recent NDP training.) Which years were you involved in Guiding in what capacity?  I wasn’t a Brownie or a Guide during my school days. In 2015, I chose to become a Guider in my current school and I have no regrets at all. I have taken part in many Guiding activities at HQ and Division levels. Please share with us a few of your thoughts on how Guiding has shaped you/your character and impacted you as ad a Guider?  Before joining Guiding, I thought Girl Guides CCA was all about selling cookies – boy, was I wrong! As I became more involved, it was eye-opening for me to learn that Guiding is so much more than that. As an Educator and Guider, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the Guides learning to solve complex problems independently. Girls and women can do so much when they have the opportunity to develop and reach their fullest potential. Guiding has shown me how girls can be empowered and nurtured to become confident young women who will make Singapore and the world a better place. On a more personal note, Guiding has ignited in me a new passion for the outdoors. I enjoy outdoor cooking and camp craft and find Guiding experiences very rewarding. Guiding keeps me energised.  How involved are you in Guiding today? I attend HQ-organised workshops to learn new skills. These help me think up new and relevant activities to engage my girls. Working with the other West Division schools, we also co-organise fun and meaningful Guiding activities. Other activities include volunteering as an NDP training chaperone and, on March 2019, helping host the Okinawa Girl Scouts. What words of encouragement do you have for our Guiders today as they all seek to impact the lives of their girls? No one said running a unit is easy, but the rewards are definitely plentiful. Fun times shared under the sun, campfire nights under the stars – these will always be amongst the many fond memories for girls when they look back on their Guiding journey. As the batches of girls come and go quickly, we may not see the full impact immediately but I’m sure the guidance we provide helps them grow up to be independent and confident women. Let’s continue to make Guiding relevant to engage our girls and empower them so that they can achieve their potential and in turn impact the world around them.