Ms Nurul Huda (Right) – Guider from Spectra Secondary School Which years were you involved in Guiding and in what capacity?  I began my Guiding adventure in 2009, as a Guider in my 1st unit. I began to participate actively at HQ level, by joining Training and Guide Branch Committee in early 2010. Currently, I am a Guider in Spectra 1st Coy (which we started in 2015), and a member of Guide Branch and Camp Committee.  In 2011, I was given the opportunity to travel to Our Cabana for the Young Women World Conference. In addition, I attended the Asia Pacific Conference for Leaders of Girls, in 2014. These overseas conferences gave me new insights and deepened my believe in the values that Guiding instills in our girls.  Please share with us a few of your thoughts on how Guiding has shaped you/your character and impacted you as a Guider?  In secondary school, I was not a member of any uniform group. I would have never imagined myself to be in one as an adult. Guiding opened a new world of possibilities for me. I have became more curious, outdoorsy and creative. As a Guider, we hold a heavy responsibility in molding and empowering our girls in their formative years. The impact Guiding have on our girls, is immeasurable. I have witnessed the growth of my girls over the years, and I marvel at their resilience and maturity after they leave our nest. In the beginning, it was daunting, but I have embraced this responsibility. In addition, I had to challenge myself to be a better leader – to be more patient, a better listener, and quick on my feet. In fact, Guiding values have become part of my life. It becomes part of my moral compass. The most wonderful thing is also making friends through Guiding. My Guiding sisters are people who I am close to, and lean on for support and brain-storm ideas. How are you involved in Guiding today?  Today, I am a proud Guider of Spectra 1st Coy. This is a company which we started in 2015. Our first batch of Guides has stepped down, and currently sitting for their ‘N” levels. I could not be prouder of their achievements, and how far they have come. I am also a member of Guide Branch and Camp Committee.  What are some word of encouragement do you have for our Guiders today in impacting the lives of their girls? I was not prepared to be a Guider, as it was assigned to me. I understand how daunting and tremendous the role of a Guider may be in the beginning. However, do not give up or throw in the towel! Just like any journey, there will be bumps and challenges, but as long as we are willing to learn and give our best, it will be worth it. The ‘it’ here refers to seeing our girls grow, and in time become a valuable member of their family and community. They may not remember what you taught them in class, but they will indefinitely remember your impact in their lives.