GGS Volunteer, Putri Winata (first row, fourth from left), at the Juliette Low Seminar, a cross-cultural leadership development programme for young people by WAGGGS in Sangam, India. Read on to find out what was her biggest takeaway from the seminar! Putri (Right), at Juliette Low Seminar, Sangam, India. Q: What is your biggest takeaway/learning during this trip? A: My biggest takeaway from this trip to Sangam, India, was understanding the WAGGGS Leadership Mindsets and putting them into practice during both the Wadi and Pune Challenges that the facilitator planned for us and in my life today. I’ve also learnt so much more about gender equality through activities like the trivia quiz. This awareness reminds me of how much I still do not know and how much more I have to learn. Putri (second row, third from left), at Juliette Low Seminar, Sangam, India. Q: Were there any challenges you faced during this trip? A: The challenging moments that I faced during this trip was probably getting into character for the various role-playing scenarios that we had to do. And climbing the Sangam water tower was challenging as well as it was about 3 storeys high and we had to climb it without ropes. Putri (in green), at Juliette Low Seminar, Sangam, India. Q: How do you think this trip may have changed your views on leadership practices & mindsets? A: I felt that my perspective on leadership mindsets had changed and that I can finally put a name to the actions that I’ve been practising for the last few years. Because of that, my awareness and understanding of Gender Equality, Responsible Action and Creative & Critical Thinking Mindset thinking had heightened as well.