Ms Wendy Rong, an International Committee member, joined 50 other Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from 46 different countries at the Juliette Low Seminar (JLS) 2015 at Sangam, India. Themed “Dream. Dare. Do.”, the seminar offered many unique challenges to stretch the attendees. The two-day “Dare” themed activities were the most exciting and adventure-filled. The girls were grouped in threes to explore the area without a local guide. They were armed only with a map, some pictures and addresses of places, and some tips on rickshaw transportation and foods to avoid. The girls navigated successfully around train stations, parks, farms and temples. On another day, attendees were asked to choose an activity from a list of 39 options, including abseiling from a water tower, holding a snake and public speaking, amongst others. This challenged them to try out something new and to overcome their fears. Some participants took on multiple activities; for example, a Girl Scout from Taiwan decided to take a local bus to a neighbouring area, in addition to keeping silent for half a day! To open their eyes to new perspectives, Dr Neela Onawale – founder of Deep Griha Society, which is a Girl Guides India community partner – shared about the challenges faced by women in India. The attendees were deeply inspired to hear about how she and her husband pursued relentlessly their dream to start a small clinic in the slumps and grow this into a large organisation serving the needs of women and children. Wendy concluded, “This Sangam experience has to be one of the most memorable moments in my life. I now understand better what international Girl Guiding is and highly recommend Sangam to others seeking to experience both India and a different Guiding experience. I hope for the chance to visit other World Centres and to meeting more friends from all around the world!”