Dear GGS Members,

Happy World Thinking Day! 

Every year on February 22nd, Girl Guides around the world come together to celebrate our Movement and reaffirm our commitment to our Guide Laws. Here is the link to our World Thinking Day Message 2024. Thank you to all the Brownies, Guides and YAs who came together to be part of this video.

Our Guide Promise, “I promise to do my best”, signifies our dedication to personal growth, leadership development, and serving both the Guiding community and beyond. This year’s theme, “Our World, Our Thriving Future”, prompts us to delve into critical global issues such as mental and physical well-being, as well as environmental sustainability. Let us continue to advocate for these causes and strive for positive change. 

Thank you to everyone for making World Thinking Day 2024 a resounding success! From the inspiring girl-led projects to the engaging competitions and wide game activities, it was heartwarming to see all the girls leaving with smiles, marking our largest in-person event since the pandemic.

At the Headquarters level, we remain committed to being a vital partner and resource for schools and young girls. Two Guides from Bukit Panjang Government High School led all our members in a mass mindfulness practice on February 17th, fostering holistic development. We will continue to collaborate with key stakeholders to enhance our interest badges and provide a safe and nurturing environment for all.

We each have our own stories of how Guiding has transcended personal development, empowering us to become active and compassionate citizens contributing positively to society. We are dedicated to providing our girls and young women with opportunities to become future-ready female leaders. We are committed to offering more international programs for our girls, fostering global connections and perspectives.

Finally, none of these ambitious plans would have come to fruition without the leadership, time, and dedication of our volunteers, staff, and the enthusiasm of our girls. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the leadership team of the National Council and Commissioners in the Executive Committee, as well as the dedicated staff of GGS, for spearheading efforts to ensure our programs remain relevant to our girls.

To all our Young Adults, Adult Leaders and members of the Trefoil Guild, your unwavering commitment to providing a safe space for our girls to develop is truly commendable. As we look ahead to the coming year, I look forward to witnessing more volunteers stepping forward and more girls participating in our programs, as we work together towards serving the community and advocating for our causes.

Do also take a moment this week to cherish the camaraderie with your fellow Guiding friends!

Once again, Happy World Thinking Day! WTD2024


Mrs Koh-Teh Yi Wen
Chief Commissioner
Girl Guides Singapore