Corporate/SOP Guidelines

This section includes corporate guidelines and standard operating policies round branding and communications and best practices to support the mission of Girl Guides Singapore.

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Standard Operating Policy (SOP) Guidelines

  1. Closely monitor the students participating in the activities at the campsite. Students who are unwell or show symptoms of HFMD (e.g. fever, sore throat, mouth ulcers and rashes) should stay in the designated sick bay and be isolated from the other participants while waiting to be fetched home or brought to the doctor.
  2. Maintain high standards of personal and environmental hygiene to minimise the spread of HFMD. Emphasize the importance of hand washing before and after activities (with alcohol hand-rub or preferably soap and water).
  3. Institute more frequent cleaning and disinfection of materials and equipment used by students during activities.
  4. Minimize or eliminate communal area activities where all students congregate, so as to limit contact (applicable to activities involving primary school students only as a large proportion of secondary school students have immunity to viruses causing HFMD).

For more details, please refer to the Infection Control Guidelines for Schools and Child Care Centers (relevant sections include Standard Precautions, Cleaning and Disinfection, and Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease [HFMD]).

Should there be any cases of HFMD and other diseases during the events organized, please complete the GGS report form and take the appropriate action as indicated.